Paediatric Dentistry at Nyle Hospital – Oral Healthcare for Children

What is Paediatric Dentistry?

Paediatric dentistry is a subspecialty of medicine concerning the oral healthcare of kids from infancy to teenage. Paediatric dentists must be well-trained and experienced in caring for child’s mouth, gums and teeth during the growing stages of childhood.

Generally, infants start developing baby teeth within the first 6 months of age. Upon reaching 6 or 7 years, children begin losing their first formed or primary tooth and develop their secondary or permanent teeth. Failing to provide appropriate dental care, kids encounter oral decay and mouth diseases causing severe complications and long-term pain. Presently, dental caries during early childhood is considered as one of the most infectious diseases than asthma and hay fever.

Paediatric dentist must complete the following educational training to qualify for rending the dental service:

    • 4 years of general dental education
    • 2 years of special training in dentistry particularly for infants, children, adolescent and teens as well as exceptional or special children

Care for Children

Children cannot be treated just like small adults. It is difficult to judge the behaviour of kids while attending dental examination. One cannot expect them to remain patience and cooperate throughout the session. However, a paediatric dentist knows the best possible ways to treat and make them feel comfortable. The utmost quality of a good dentist is to have patience and understand the child’s pain. The equipment used by them should be arranged in a way pleasing the kids rather than fearing them.

Treatments Provided at Paediatric Dentistry Department

Paediatric dentists assist children in wide range of oral care including:

      • Oral health examination of infants, which involves risk assessment for the presence of caries in mother and passing of the disease to her infant
      • Develop preventive steps and provide precautionary dental care such as cleaning of tooth and fluoride treatments along with recommendations for suitable diet and nutrition
      • Counselling for habitual activities such as thumb suckinPaediatric-dentistryg
      • Treating children with facial or dental anomalies
      • Early testing and treatment to straighten teeth and rectify improper biting
      • Repairing tooth defects or cavities
      • Diagnosing certain oral conditions related to diseases including hay fever, congenital heart defect, diabetes, asthma and hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit
      • Control of gum diseases and mouth conditions such as short mucoceles, frenulae, mouth ulcers and periodontal disease
      • Care for injuries of dental region such as displaced, knocked-out or fractured teeth
      • Educating parents about good dental practices for their kids.

When a child’s paediatrician advices for dental examination, it is the responsibility of parents to seek the best care for their kids. A paediatric dentist from a well-recognised hospital can provide reliable and appropriate treatment options in caring for your kid’s gums, teeth and mouth.