Paediatric Audiology Service at Nyle Hospital Effective and Reliable

The paediatric audiology service at Nyle hospital carries out hearing assessment and provides hearing therapy for children in the age group of 0 – 16. Children with hearing and balance disorder, noise

disturbance and speech delay are referred to this department by general physician or paediatrician. Conditions generally treated include temporary, congenital, acquired or permanent hearing loss. In case of confirmation of permanent hearing loss, hearing aid services are being provided at the hospital.

Behavioural and objective assessments of hearing are performed based on the developmental stage of a child. These tests will enable the audiologists to determine the hearing status of the child. Additionally, assessment of middle ear function is done to check if the kid has glue ear (middle ear effusion). This conditionusually leads to temporary hearing loss along with delayed speech and language, and very poor attention resulting in behavioural problems. Based on childs level of hearing, glue ear can be managed either conservatively or surgically. In addition, children with inner ear disorder are treated with priority to overcome their dizzy feeling.

Who Are at the Risk of Developing Hearing Loss?

Children subjected to various treatments for certain diseases have the chances of developing balance disorders or hearing loss, for instance:

  • Kids under heavy medication for tuberculosis or cancer
  • Kids who had serious head injuries
  • Kids affected by meningitis

Who Can Be Referred to Paediatric Audiology Department?

  • Children who had missed their newborn screening test for hearing
  • Children who failed in the hearing screening test conducted at school
  • Children subjected to serious illnesses (meningitis) in recent times, which can affect hearing
  • Children with language and speech disturbances
  • Children suspected by teachers or parents or others for hearing disorder

The paediatric audiologists at Nyle Hospital have considerable training and experience in assessing the childs hearing ability precisely. The type of tests will be decided depending on observations in the ward and information provided by the childs parents. The Paediatric Audiology department offers full range of diagnostic and rehabilitation service for all aged children suffering from balance or hearing problems, including:

  • permanent hearing loss due to family history
  • glue ear
  • Children in need of hearing aids
  • Delay in speech and language development, for instance, kids with ADHD or autistic spectrum disorders
  • Children subjected to high risk due to severe illness
  • Understanding difficulty 
  • Hyperacusis – more sensitivity to sounds

    Additional concern will be provided to kids with multiple disabilities, difficultly in assessing and for those at increased risk for permanent loss of hearing. Several factors will be taken into consideration before testing childs hearing status such as age, capability, health condition, parents information, paediatrician opinion and much more.