Get rid of the fear about fibroids, be treated with advanced LAP Myomectomy

With the technical advancement, evident in today’s medical technology, laparoscopy has overtaken conventional diagnosis and surgical methods. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as minimally invasive surgery or key hole surgery and involves the use of laparoscope, a long thin tube attached with a tiny camera and associated instruments for carrying out the surgery through small incisions.
The incisions involved in a laparoscopic surgery are very small and ranges to a maximum of half an inch in size. This procedure helps in simplifying various surgical procedures in gynaecology, urology, appendectomy and so on.


Laparoscopic surgery procedure

The laparoscopic surgery is conducted with the help of a laparoscope inserted into the site of surgery through tiny incisions. The camera attached at the end of the laparoscope helps in projecting the images of the internal organs on the screen of the monitor attached to this equipment. The surgeon performs the surgery based on these images.
The inability of proper hand access in minimally invasive procedure had disrupted its use in complicated surgery procedures. However, with a few updates, the advanced laparoscopic surgeries are available with hand access devices. Robotic surgery is another addition to this field of medical technology and helps in further simplification of the procedure.

Benefits of laparoscopic procedure

Surgery was considered with a lot of dread till a few years ago, owing to the complicated procedures and pain involved with it. With the advent of minimally invasive surgery, people are more open to the option and it has also helped ease the fear of the procedure.
The popularity of laparoscopic surgery owes to the following factors: -

  • Lesser discomfort after the surgery due to smaller incisions.
  • Shorter periods of hospitalisation
  • Quicker recovery periods when compared to conventional surgery
  • Smaller scars and marks due to the surgery
  • Less chances for internal scarring than conventional open surgery

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