FAQs at Various Departments of Nyle Hospital

While visiting a healthcare provider, patients, parents, care-takers, etc. trigger several questions to gain the trust of hospital service. The hospital takes additional care to clarify all the doubts raised by you regarding the services or facilities or procedures followed in the hospital. Anything concerning the health of individuals can be discussed without hesitation. Some of the frequently asked questions in various departments include:


  • Does the NICU have specially trained experts to manage any kind of situation?
  • Is the NICU cared by paediatric experts for 24 h?
  • Are the nutritional requirements of babies met in the NICU?
  • How does NICU manage respiratory (breathing) problems of kids?


  • How does the paediatrician evaluate developmental-behavioural problems in children?
  • How many experienced paediatricians are there in the hospital?
  • What can I expect in the follow-up visits for my kid?
  • Can immunizations be skipped? If so, can I give it after the due date?
  • Do you provide back-to-school physicals?
  • Is my child perfectly normal or should have to worry about the hereditary risks?
  • Does the hospital offer cost-reduction for every annual health checkups?

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • What type of prenatal care does the hospital provide?
  • Is the hospital highly advanced to handle any high-risk pregnancy?
  • What are the preventive measures provided for HIV/AIDS affected mothers?
  • Does the hospital carry out abortion for unwanted pregnancy?
  • How to avoid unwanted pregnancies?
  • Does the hospital provide menopausal care for women?
  • How to prevent HPV related diseases, STDs and gynaecological cancers?
  • Are there specialists to handle all teenage gynaecological issues?
  • Does the hospital carry out permanent birth control procedures?

    Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

    • Do you guarantee for successful results after surgery?
    • What type of post-surgical care is provided by the hospital?
    • Are the suggested treatments cost-effective and trust-worthy?
    • Is it safe to do breast augmentation and face-lift surgery?


  • How to prevent bladder infection? Is it a serious issue to be cared immediately?
  • What are the possible signs of urinary tract infections?
  • Are there experts to handle kidney stones?
  • Should I have to worry about genetic factors?

    Emergency services

  • Does the hospital provide emergency services for any situation?
  • How to call for the emergency services of the hospital?
  • Does the emergency service reach the patient on time?
  • Does the ambulance have basic facilities for safe reach of patients?

    General medicine

  • How to schedule for general consultation?
  • Are the physicians experienced enough to handle the general health issues?
  • Does the physician refer patients to respective department if needed?
  • Does the general physician provide care for children?


  • What is the physiotherapy programsprovided at the hospital?
  • What can I except during my first visit to physiotherapist?
  • Does physiotherapy service control my condition?


  • Does the investigation procedure affect my body conditions?
  • Can I perform the examination without any referral from healthcare provider?
  • What are the harmful effects of radiation exposure?


  • What effective treatments are available for hair loss?
  • Is laser therapy for skin problems safe?
  • What are the high-risk factors of skin cancer?
  • Can skin cancer be cured in the beginning stage?


  • What is the first-aid for eye injury in children?
  • What are the warning signs of eye problems in children?
  • What is the right age for eye examination?
  • How does ophthalmologist differ from optician and optometrist?