Colposcopy Effective Diagnostic Procedure Done at Nyle Hospital

Colposcopy is a medical procedure performed to get a clear picture of the cervix with the help of a magnifying device known as colposcope. It facilitates the doctor by enlarging the normal image of cervix so that any cervix issue, if present, can be viewed more precisely. It is usually suggested by healthcare providers if:

  • the cervix appear abnormal
  • PAP smear indicates the growth of abnormal cells

However, women need not panic for colposcopy is not meant only for the detection of cancer. It can favour in diagnosis of other cervical problems as well as help for further treatment.


It is a low-power microscopic device that is mounted onto a stand for magnifying the cervix and vaginal parts. It is equipped with a camera for watching the pictures of cervix on a TV screen kept inside the medical room. It does not touch womans body during the course of examination.

Purpose of Performing Colposcopy

Colposcopy is usually carried out when the screening test results done for detecting cervical cancer show the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix region. It helps to provide additional information of the abnormal cells to decide treatment options. It is preferred by doctors to assess certain other problems such as:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Genital warts
  • Cervicitis (inflamed cervix)
  • Benign growths, includingpolyps
  • Pelvic pain

For some cases, colposcopy may be performed several times to compare the results of the respective therapy.

Colposcopy Procedure

Colposcopy is generally done in the hospitals clinic. The procedure is usually done when the target woman is free from menstrual bleeding so that clear view of the cervix can be obtained without any mess. Before the onset of colposcopy, the healthcare provider provides instructions about the dos and donts. The suspected woman must avoid the following for at least for 24 h before the procedure.

  • douching
  • use of any vaginal medications
  • tampons usage
  • sexual intercourse

What happens during the process?

Similar to pelvic examination, the patient is made to lie on her back with the feet held in raised position. Aspeculumis placed at the vaginal opening for expanding the vaginal walls so that the physician can view inner parts without disturbance. Later, colposcope is placed close to the vagina without touching it and the images are watched on a monitor. For better visibility, a mild solution dipped in cotton ball or swab is applied to the cervix area which may cause slight irritation and burning sensation.

Risks Associated with


A colposcopy examination performed without biopsy usually does not impose any risks. However, if biopsy is included, there may be some risk for infection and bleeding, which might need additional. After biopsy, woman may experience mild cramping with vaginal discharge or bleeding just for few days. The colour of the discharge may be gray to black and grainy due to the application of chemical solution for stopping bleeding.