Cesarean Delivery Mom and Baby Care at Nyle Hospital

When any problem arises in delivering a baby through vagina, a caesarean or C-section delivery is performed for saving the life of the baby. The baby is taken out from the womb by making a surgical incision in the abdomen and uterus of the mother. The reasons for opting caesarean delivery may vary because delivery and childbirth is never the same for all women.

Reasons for Having a Planned Caesarean

If the woman had certain complications in the previous pregnancy or delivery, or has problems in existing pregnancy, the doctor may suggest for a planned caesarean.The possible reasons for a planned caesarean include:

  • If the mother had previous caesarean section delivery associated with complications during the surgery
  • If the position of the baby is declared breech positioning, andexternal cephalic version(ECV) wasnt advisable or successful
  • If the mother carries twins or more foetuses, and the 1st babys head is not in the right position
  • If the baby is positioned transverse (sideways), or changes the position without stability
  • If the mother is encountered with severe pre-eclampsiaor eclampsia
  • If there seems to be acondition of placenta praevia (low-lying placenta)
  • If the mother has a medical history of heart disease
  • If the mother had a traumatic vaginal delivery previously
  • If the woman had genital herpesduring her 3rd trimester
  • If the woman hasHIVwithout retroviral therapy or subjected to high viral load, or detected with hepatitis C

Sometimes, one condition may pave way for the occurrence of other conditions which force a situation for planned C-section. For instance, if the mother haslow-lying placenta, it may lead to improper positioning of the baby such as transverse or breech position.

Reasons for Having an Unplanned or Emergency Caesarean

During certain situation, the healthcare provider will decide to carry out C-section delivery owing to the safety of the baby and mom; hence it is stated as emergency caesarean operation. It is chosen by the doctor for the following reasons:

  • If the labour progresses very slowly and continues for long time without letting the cervix to open wide for easy passing of baby through the birth canal
  • If the babyis subjected to distressduring labour
  • If there was a condition of placental abruption (placenta getting separated) in the late pregnancy weeks or during the onset of labour putting the baby in danger
  • If the attempt of using instruments includingventouse or forceps has failed
  • Scarring of uterus (uterine rupture) due to previous caesarean
  • Prolapse of the umbilical cord (cord slipping through the cervix before the baby). Although this condition happens rarely, it endangers the life of baby by cutting off the oxygen supply to the baby.